Pentagon Has Lost ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ of F-35 Parts Worldwide

It was billed as the ultimate joint-fighter project that promised to make all other combat jets redundant. However, two decades on, the Pentagon still can’t managed to pull it together in any coherent fashion. 

By now, the grounding F-35 planes has become a regular feature in defense news and analysis, as experts continue to commiserate over the constant stream of technical and logistical errors which have plagued the multibillion dollar program.

Whether its the future engine choice resulting delays in production, the lack of operable engines, subsystem design flaws, or perhaps incidents involving the jet’s propulsion and thermal management systems, its onboard oxygen system, its custom helmet-mounted display, and even its susceptibility to lighting strikes – the bloated F-35 boondoggle is still struggling to make sense.

Now we have a global failure in the Pentagon’s supply chains and logistics resulting in loss of money and delays…

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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