QAnon Conspiracist Mike Flynn Is Suing Another Conspiracist Who Claims He Invented QAnon

Disgraced former national security advisor Michael Flynn loves a conspiracy theory—except when it’s about him.

Flynn, who has boosted countless conspiracies over the last two years, from claiming Italian military satellites helped steal the 2020 election to claiming COVID was a hoax perpetrated by the “global elite,” filed a lawsuit last week against a man who has spent the same time repeatedly and consistently accusing Flynn of being Q. 

Jim Stewartson, who previously worked in developing alternate reality games, has attained a level of notoriety online for his wild accusations about Flynn being part of a Kremlin-funded psyop to destroy U.S. democracy.

“Mike Flynn, the worst traitor in history who stole 2016, created Q, planned the insurrection,” Stewartson tweeted on Wednesday, repeating conspiracies he has posted obsessively for over two years.

Stewartson has, as usual, failed to produce any convincing evidence to back up his claims, which have been debunked and dismissed by journalists and researchers who closely track the development of QAnon.

Last month, the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism said it “has found no evidence to support” Stewartson’s claims about Flynn’s role in developing QAnon.

In Flynn’s lawsuit, filed last week in the circuit court in Sarasota County, Florida, where Flynn lives, the former Army general claims that “Stewartson sought fame through the trend of defaming prominent conservative figures.”

The lawsuit contains a long list of the accusations Stewartson has made against Flynn in social media postings, Substack articles and on his podcast.

The lawsuit includes a lengthy list of Stewartson’s “pernicious lies” about Flynn, which it says include “accusing him of committing treason and domestic terrorism, working for Vladimir Putin, being a Russian asset, stealing the 2016 election, working to overthrow the United States government, planning and executing a violent insurrection, being a leader of QAnon, being a Nazi, waging psychological warfare on the American people, wanting a second Holocaust, using ISIS radicalization techniques on the American people, torturing prisoners, and literally trying to murder former Vice President Mike Pence.”

The lawsuit says Stewartson has made these claims to boost his profile and profit from subscriptions to his podcast and Substack account. Flynn is seeking $150,000 in damages from Stewartson.

Stewartson has 20 days to file a written response to the lawsuit. When Stewartson was contacted for a comment by this reporter, who he has repeatedly claimed is part of the Flynn-Russia psyop, Stewartson replied on a public Twitter thread, saying, “I think that @GenFlynn is a psychological warfare expert who knows how to protect himself with his ‘army of digital soldiers’ including you.”

Stewartson shows no sign of changing his approach; this week he published a Substack post entitled, “Q sued me.”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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