They’re Hunting Nazis. New England Is a Target-Rich Environment

VULNERABLE COMMUNITIES IN New England are increasingly under threat by a violent, neo-Nazi gang with “revolutionary” delusions of transforming the region into a white ethnostate.

The actions, tactics, and command structure of the hate group NSC-131 are the focus of an exhaustive new investigation by the anti-fascist research organization Task Force Butler. Accusing NSC-131 of “terrorism,” the investigation denounces the group’s “explicit purpose” as engaging in “harassment against religious, racial, and ethnic minorities,” as well as “the LGBTQIA+ community, and others deemed ‘enemies.’”

Task Force Butler unveiled its 300-page report Tuesday as a road map for police and prosecutors to step up “civil and criminal legal action” against these white supremacists. Kris Goldsmith, Task Force Butler’s CEO, describes NSC-131’s delusional ideology to Rolling Stone in stark terms: “They are white separatists. They want to use violence to make New England white.”

NSC-131 stands for “Nationalist Social Club-Anti-Communist Action.” (The digits 1 and 3 correspond to the numerical position of A and C in the alphabet.) It is classified as a “neo-Nazi” group by both the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. NSC-131, and two top leaders, have also been targeted by the attorney general of New Hampshire in a civil action for “violating the New Hampshire Civil Rights Act” for allegedly unfurling racist banners on a Portsmouth overpass.

NSC-131 did not respond to Rolling Stone’s requests to speak to its legal counsel or to address the central claims of the Task Force Butler report. But in a fundraising appeal for its New Hampshire legal defense, NSC-131 has defended its “pro-White activism” as protected “free speech,” while blasting government authorities for being “captured by anti-White partisans.”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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