The Weird Disappearance and Mysterious Reappearance of Patricia Kopta

In the realm of mysterious disappearances we have had many people who have seemed to have stepped off the face of the earth. Such cases often go years and years without any answers, perhaps to forever remain unsolved. Yet on occasion there are those very rare cases when someone who has apparently been erased from existence resurfaces again under the strangest of circumstances. Here we will look at the bizarre case of a woman who seemingly vanished off the face of the earth, only to turn up once again decades later in some rather bizarre circumstances. 

Patricia Kopta had quite a colorful and varied life in her younger years. Formerly a model and dance instructor, she was a bright, straight A student in her high school years and considered sharp and intelligent by all who knew her. She would end up working in finance at a Pittsburgh plate glass company and would attend ballroom dancing events weekly, as well as make frequent trips to Puerto Rico with her friends. After falling in love with Bob Kopta they got married in 1972 after a whirlwind romance, and although they had no children they were reportedly very happy together and very much in love decades later. However, at some point something changed in Patricia, and her life would spiral into weirdness and a strange unsolved mystery.

It began with migraine headaches. Patricia had never experienced them before, but she began to have them frequently, to the point that she was sometimes incapacitated with pain and it forced her to quit the glass company after having worked there for 10 years. The headaches were chalked up to the stress of her job in finance, and she took up work for a time as an elevator operator at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. From there her behavior became rather odd and uncharacteristic. She became paranoid, always looking out the window and expressing to her husband on several occasions that someone was pursuing her. Although she had formerly not been particularly religious, Patricia now began talking often of God and became obsessed with the Bible, and she even claimed to have seen an angel. She then started claiming that she had been chosen as “one of God’s 144,000 bond servants on Earth,” and that she had been given a holy mission to spread the word of God. It would only get weirder from there.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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