‘Godzilla eggs multiplying’: Japan’s ‘suspicious’ sphere conspiracy theories

Is this a product of some supersize sex on the beach?

A mysterious sphere that washed ashore in Japan is being labeled a “Godzilla egg” by social media watchdogs — with some conspiracy theorists claiming that the so-called King of the Monsters‘ offspring is “multiplying.”

The titan-size controversy surfaced yesterday after a woman reported a “suspicious” ball on Enshu Beach in Hamamatsu, a southern coastal city about 155 miles from Tokyo, Asahi News reported. The spherical object measured 4 feet around and was believed to be made of iron due to its rust coating.

Accompanying photos show the enormous orb, which evokes an alien anomaly or unexploded ordnance from a way gone by.

Fearing it was the latter, officials cordoned off an area within 655 square feet of the ball while bomb disposal crews inspected the unusual jetsam. Investigatory X-rays determined that the sphere was hollow and, therefore, not a live bomb, prompting officials to lift restrictions soon afterward, according to Fuji News Network.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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