Malcolm X’s daughters are set to sue NYPD and other city agencies for ‘concealing evidence around their father’s murder:’ Civil rights lawyer Ben Crump to defend family on 58th anniversary of activist’s death

The three remaining daughters of civil rights leader Malcolm X are planning to sue the NYPD together with various government agencies alleging their involvement in the assassination of their father, on the 58th anniversary of his death.

Ilyasah, 60, Attallah, 64, and Qubilah Shabazz, 62, are to allege how evidence relating to Malcolm X’s murder in 1965 was ‘fraudulently concealed’ by the authorities. 

Their case has been picked up by renowned civil rights and personal injury attorney Ben Crump with whom they have enjoyed a long partnership. 

Crump, together with co-counsel Ray Hamlin, is planning to file a ‘notice of intent’ and sue the NYPD together with various government agencies on behalf of the daughters, alleging their involvement in the assassination.

The suit will allege how evidence relating to Malcolm X’s murder was ‘fraudulently concealed’ by the authorities that were investigating his death.

The role played by federal and New York government agencies, such as the NYPD, FBI, and CIA, in his murder has been a matter of dispute for a long time.

Tuesday marks the 58th anniversary of civil rights leader Malcolm X’s death. 

On that day in 1965, while speaking at the Audubon Ballroom, Malcolm X was assassinated at the age of 39 in front of his family, having been shot 21 times by several men. 

At the time, the agencies had access to factual and exculpatory evidence that Crump alleges they kept from Malcolm X’s family and the individuals wrongly convicted of crimes connected to his assassination.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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