The High School ‘Asshole’ Who Became a Blackface-Wearing Neo-Nazi Homeschool Dad

When Logan Lawrence was unmasked last week as the co-founder of a neo-Nazi homeschooling network, some of his friends and former classmates said the news immediately rang true.

Lawrence, 36, who grew up in Upper Sandusky and until recently worked for his family’s insurance company, left a litany of signs of his racist beliefs over the years. He mocked Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech on his middle school intercom, had an obsession with WWII history in high school, and, later, dressed in racist garb at a local bar.

In now-deleted photos posted to the Facebook page of the Shotzy’s Bar and Grill restaurant in Upper Sandusky, which is owned by the sister of Logan’s best man at his wedding, Logan was photographed at multiple Halloween parties in blackface and other racist costumes. VICE News has confirmed with multiple people that it was Logan in the pictures. A representative of Shotzy’s Bar and Grill did not respond to a request for comment on the pictures.

One person who was at Logan’s wedding and at the parties where Logan wore these costumes, said she was not surprised at last week’s revelations.

“Logan has always been an asshole and the people who know him aren’t shocked,” she told VICE News.

Logan and his wife Katja Lawrence were unmasked last week as the operators of a neo-Nazi homeschool network, known as Dissident Homeschool on Telegram, by the anti-fascist researchers at the Anonymous Comrades Collective. The Telegram group has thousands of members, and shares classroom resources infused with Adolf Hitler quotes, antisemitic themes and white supremacist ideologies. Last year, Katja Lawrence said on a podcast that the reason she started the group was because she was “having a rough time finding Nazi-approved school material for [her] homeschool children.”

Now, Lawrence,  who worked as a web designer for years and designed the local sheriff’s website and the website of Shotzy’s Bar and Grill, shares examples of how her family embraces Nazi ideology, including baking a Fuhrer cake for Hitler’s birthday and a recording of her children shouting “sieg heil.”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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