U.S. Actions Produced Majority Of World’s Refugees

According to figures from the United Nations refugee agency, the majority of refugees in the world today — and ever since the start of this century — have been fleeing from countries that were sanctioned, couped, and/or invaded, by the U.S. Government.

The latest such annual report by the UNHCR is “Global Trends Forced Displacement 2021”, and it indicates that “69% originated from just five countries” which were: Syria (6.9 million), Venezuela (4.6 million), Afghanistan (2.7 million), South Sudan (2.4 million), and Myanmar (1.2 million). The report’s “Figure 7” “People displaced across borders by host country | end-2021” shows that the top recipient-countries that year were: Turkiye (3,759,800), Colombia (1,843,900), Uganda (1,529,900), Pakistan (1,491,100), Germany (1,255,700), Sudan (1,103,900), Bangladesh (918,900), Lebanon (845,900), Ethiopia (821,300), and Iran (798,300). The report notes that there were “72 percent hosted by neighboring countries” but the exceptions were likewise notable. For example: “Figure 13” “Major countries for individual registration of new asylum seekers | 2021” showed that #1 on that list (and these numbers indicate ONLY the refugees that were officially recorded in these nations as being refugees who came there during that year, NOT the total who had somehow become “displaced” and who now were there) as being U.S., 188,900. #2 was Germany, 148,200. #3 was Mexico, 131,400. Some others among the top 10 were: France, Spain, UK, and Italy.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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