We’ve entered into a “new world order” says BlackRock Chairman

In its 2023 Global Investment Outlook, multinational investment firm BlackRock stated that “we’ve entered a new world order,” in which “geopolitical cooperation and globalization” are “evolving into a fragmented world with competing blocs.”

The report noted that we are now in “the most fraught global environment since World War Two.”

According to the report, the fragmentation of the world into power blocs (especially the US, Russia, and China) “comes at the cost of economic efficiency.” Western sanctions against Russia, for instance, have made “energy security” a priority for many European nations.

This “geopolitical fragmentation” will “likely contribute to the new regime of greater macro and market volatility – and persistently higher inflation,” according to the BlackRock report.

On page 3, it also says, “The transition to net-zero carbon emissions has caused energy supply and demand mismatches.”

BlackRock manages almost $10 trillion in investments, making it the world’s biggest asset manager. It’s played a key role in pushing the globalist agenda. It supports cashless societies and digital currencies, green energy transitions, and ESG scores.

ESG scores promote investments in companies with leftist social justice goals, like renewable energy, racial equity, and abortion access.  In addition to incorporating ESG principles, BlackRock has promised to leverage its “ESG-focused financial products” to promote “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”

BlackRock lists the World Economic Forum as one of its “key diversity partners,” which promotes mandatory vaccinations and lockdowns, abortion access, and the globalist “Great Reset.”

BlackRock’s promotion of a “New World Order” legitimises what many still call conspiracy theories. In March the World Government Summit 2022 asked the question, ‘Are We Ready for a New World Order?

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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