Missouri Doctor Faces $500 Billion in FTC Fines for Promoting Vitamin D3 During Pandemic

A St. Louis chiropractor could face more than $500 billion in civil penalties through a federal lawsuit that alleges that he profited from selling Vitamin D and zinc products in violation of the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act.

“The federal government is suing me for half a trillion dollars … for telling people to take vitamins,” said Dr. Eric Nepute.

Nepute said his case goes to trial in Missouri federal court in March.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed the 27-page complaint in April 2021. It alleges, among other things, that Nepute profited from the online sale of Vitamin D and zinc products during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Nepute, 41, is a licensed chiropractor and owner of Nepute Wellness Center in St. Louis. He also owns Quickwork, a limited liability company doing business as Wellness Warrior.

The government’s complaint alleges that Nepute, through social media and internet advertising, promoted and sold “Wellness Warrior Vita D” and other products as drugs capable of treating, or preventing, COVID-19.

“Starting no later than June 2020, [Nepute] began advertising a protocol that customers should follow to protect against, prevent, or treat COVID-19. This protocol, which has varied over time, advises consumers to take [daily] substantial quantities of emulsified Vitamin D3 and zinc,” found in the Wellness Warrior products, the complaint stated.

The complaint also claimed that “no published studies prove Vitamin D protects against, treats, or prevents COVID-19.”

According to the suit, Nepute’s “lack of factual or scientific bases for these claims [are] frequently accompanied by equally unsupported assertions regarding applicable science.

“In short, defendants are selling their products by disseminating information, exploiting fears [amid] a pandemic, and posting a significant risk to public health and safety.”

However, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states Vitamin D is “essential for bone health as well as muscle and nerve functions [and] helps the immune system fight off bacteria and viruses.”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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