“No Virus Theory” Psyop Being Run from Substack is Uncovered

About a week ago, Igor Chudov came across a Substack titled ‘Boostershots’. When he investigated, he discovered that Boostershots was the coordinating site of a “viruses do not exist” psychological operation (“psyop”). The site instructed people how to post on forums promoting the “no virus” theory and the Substack’s author(s) even bragged about getting people worked up about it.

We’re not saying everyone who posts “viruses do not exist” comments are part of this psyop, but what we are saying is that people need to be mindful that those who run psyops will infiltrate all sides of a debate in order to take control of the narrative to serve their purposes.  At all times, we need to take care and assess what we read and watch with wisdom and discernment, not only in corporate media but also on social media, independent media, blogs and citizen journalist sites. 

Also remember that just because certain words are repeated over and over again, it does not make them true. In fact, psyops use repetitive slogans – “build back better” comes to mind – to influence behaviour and perceptions.  But as soon as we ask, for example, “Build what? Better than what?” the slogan falls apart.  One indicator a statement is at least credible is whether it can withstand scrutiny – a repetitive slogan “viruses do not exist” providing no further information does not pass the scrutiny test, just as with the example of “build back better.” Another indicator is to look, for example, at the social media profile of the person commenting or posting to try to assess whether they appear genuine or not.

Further reading:  The Ultimate Guide to Psychological Operations (Psyops), Intelligence 101, 19 February 2021

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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