National Parks Service tells people to stop LICKING ‘hypnotoads’ for their psychedelic toxins

National Park Service officials warned visitors about a poisonous toad that can cause hallucinations and ‘powerful psychoactive’ reactions.

The Sonoran desert toad, also referred to as the Colorado river toad, is one of the largest toads in the US that has toxins that can ‘paralyze or kill dogs and other predators,’ according to the Oakland ZooCNN reported. 

Officials last spotted the toad with a black and white sensor camera located at the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in Arizona. The about 7-inch toad is also commonly found in New Mexico and Mexico can cause psychoactive effects when the toad’s toxins are smoked. 

‘These toads have prominent parotoid glands that secrete a potent toxin. It can make you sick if you handle the front or get poison in your mouth,’ NPS wrote on Facebook on October 31. ‘Please refrain from licking’

The toads make a ‘weak, low-pitched toot, lasting less than a second,’ according to the NPS. Their eyes also glow in the dark.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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