Neo-Nazis Plotting to ‘Cleanse’ Britain Infiltrating Military, Report Finds

Neo-Nazi penetration of Britain’s Armed Forces has been an issue of concern since at least the 1960s, when groups, some with ties to Operation Gladio – the clandestine CIA scheme concocted to train ultra-right paramilitaries for a Soviet invasion of Europe and to attack leftist and pro-peace groups, began efforts to infiltrate the military.

Forty British Army soldiers, Royal Navy sailors and Royal Air Force air men have been investigated over suspected extremist ties since 2019, half of them for ultra-right activities, the Times has reported, citing data obtained in a freedom of information request.

The twenty personnel implicated in ultra-right ties were referred to the Prevent Strategy, a government program aimed at preventing radicalization and at stopping people from becoming terrorists or terrorist supporters.

The accused individuals were said to have included a pair of sailors, one serving aboard one of Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons-armed submarines, with ties to Generation Identity, a millennial fascist movement. Both servicemen were allowed to remain in the Navy.

The Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee warned in a report in July that ultra-right infiltration poses a threat to both the military and the police.

“Extreme right-wing terrorists often display an interest in military culture, weaponry and the armed forces or law enforcement organizations – the Director General for MI5 noted that ‘many of these people are absolutely fixated with weaponry.’ This leads both to individuals seeking to join the military, and groups seeking to recruit within the military,” the report said.

“Internationally, right-wing extremist recruitment within the armed forces has long been of particular concern in the US and Germany. As early as 2008, the US Department of Homeland Security identified the radicalization of veterans by right-wing extremist organizations as a key concern, recalling that the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 had been carried out by three former soldiers who had first met while serving in the US Army. More recently, in 2019, the German authorities announced an investigation into 450 cases of suspected right-wing extremism in their police and armed forces, after identifying dozens of members of the Reichsburger, a neo-Nazi movement,” the document added.

The parliamentary report further noted that four British Armed Forces soldiers had been arrested over their membership in National Action, a local neo-Nazi terrorist organization encouraging members to prepare for a “race war” by joining the military or learning military skills from active personnel, in 2017.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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