A transhuman biohacker implanted over 50 chips and magnets in her body

Though Anonym has described herself as genderless, she prefers the pronouns she or they.]

At the Grinderfest in 2019, Anonym inserted a little “pirate box” device in her upper right arm.

The “Grindfest”, according to cyborg Rich Lee, “is the kind of event where you can really put things in perspective.” As per Anonym, the event involves watching interesting films, putting together biohacking experiments, and discussing their results.

The “pirate box” was a file-sharing device –  a hard drive and WiFi router that creates a local wireless network.

It comprised a facility for USB storage and a WiFi antenna – users could connect to it via their phone or PC, wherein they could download and upload files. “…It was immediately clear this might make an interesting subdermal device,” Anonym wrote on her blog.

Over the next few days, the experimental device was readied to be inserted under human skin – extraneous components were taken out, the battery was replaced with a wireless charging coil, the USB storage was soldered down, and the box was coated with many layers of resin-type stuff to bio proof the device.

According to the blog, after a horizontal incision was carved in her arm, retractors held it open while a ‘pocket big enough to hold the device’ was made. The operation was a success, having used “shitloads of lidocaine”.

Eight months later, in 2020, Anonym revealed that the experiment had failed. She had accidentally whacked her arm on the door of a taxi, which in turn disrupted the area and irritated her skin – Lehpt was admitted to the hospital, where doctors insisted the device be removed.  

Despite some lingering nerve damage, the incident did not lower her morale. Her blog cites that she learned a few lessons that included – it was possible to share WiFi from inside yourself, it could be a great way to smuggle data, and its function as a cool way to transfer data has led various people to upload and download content, induction coils can work through the skin to power a device, and that miniaturization is extremely important. 

“The coolest implant I’ve had on would be the pirate box,” a self-assured Anonym tells IE.

In all, Anonym has more than 50 chips, magnets, and antennae implanted in her body, bestowing her with powers beyond the usual limit of a human.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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