After he died in 1943, the FBI immediately searched his hotel room and squirreled away all his notes, drawings, and documents. They stored everything in the FBI vault. The conspiracies surrounding Tesla’s supposed invention and the FBI’s involvement have only added to the mystery of Nikola Tesla. Whether or not you believe he did create a death ray (which, most scholars suggest, was a ploy for funding, as Tesla died broke), Nikola Tesla is a character who only recently had another chapter added to his story.

This new chapter in Tesla’s story happened in 2000 when the FBI released some of the papers they had taken from Tesla’s hotel room, as well as their notes on Tesla’s death. Because of his possible weapon and the occurrence of World War II, the FBI saved almost every publication on Tesla, from newspaper clippings to case files. All these documents were digitally scanned into the vault over the decades of storage. Though these documents have been released to the public, many of the pages still have redacted information on them. Big, thick black lines ink out names of FBI agents and other people involved in the Tesla case. According to self-proclaimed Tesla historian Cameron Prince: “We know for sure that the redactions in the released material indicate that the government is still holding the master keys, at the very least.” 

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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