Cop Executes Elderly Man in a Wheelchair, Shooting Him 9 Times as He Rolled By

Richard Lee Richards, 61, was accused of stealing an item from Walmart this week and instead of due process and having his day in court, he was executed on the spot. An investigation is now underway after video was released showing an officer dump 9 rounds into the man as he scooted by them — in his wheelchair.

Officer Ryan Remington, the clearly trigger happy officer, decided to open fire on the disabled elderly man because he didn’t immediately stop when told to do so. Richards execution was captured on store surveillance footage and police body camera footage and it is disturbing to say the least.

According to police, Richards, who was a paraplegic, was accused of stealing a toolbox from Walmart. When officers confronted him in the parking lot, he refused to stop and continued on, attempting to enter a nearby Lowe’s Home Improvement store.

As Richards rolled his wheelchair through the entrance to Lowe’s, Remington bypassed his taser, baton, pepper spray, and all other less than lethal means, and immediately drew his firearm.

“Do not go into the store, sir,” Remington is heard saying on the body camera footage. But Richards did not listen, continuing to roll away from him in his wheelchair.

Though it is not visible in any of the videos, police claimed Richards was in possession of a knife which is why Remington resorted to deadly force. Instead of simply grabbing the wheelchair and tasering the man, the cowardly officer decided to execute Richards. The shooting was so egregious that even the Tucson Police Chief, Chris Magnus said he was “deeply disturbed and troubled” by it.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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