U.S. intelligence touts new emphasis on climate change, calling it an “urgent national security threat”

The U.S. intelligence community will seek to “fully” integrate the effects of climate change into the analysis and assessments it offers policymakers, Director of National intelligence Avril Haines said Thursday, calling the varied, intersecting and intensifying consequences of climate-related phenomena “an urgent national security threat.”  

“For the intelligence community, climate change is both a near-term and a long-term threat that will define the next generation,” Haines said during a session of the Biden administration’s virtual Summit on Climate. “And it’s one that the intelligence community has long recognized as important to our national security, though we have not always made it a key priority.” 

Climate change issues should “be fully integrated with every aspect of our analysis in order to allow us not only to monitor the threat but also, critically, to ensure that policymakers understand the importance of climate change on seemingly unrelated policies,” Haines said. 

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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