Yes, 850 died of covid recently in a day, but 27,000 die every day in India

Governments, international organisations and mainstream media continue to drum up fear and panic in India, even as the facts entirely contradict their claims. 

At this time last year, in April 2020, much less information was known about the virus. But even though some models were suggesting that this could turn out to be a severe pandemic, our party, Swarna Bharat Party, had insisted that India not implement any lockdowns but follow, instead, an age-based risk management approach. Our recommendation was consistent with the approach identified in officially approved pandemic plans across the world and also with the approach supported later in 2020 by the eminent authors of the Great Barrington Declaration. 

After one year of the pandemic, though, we are no longer at the mercy of ridiculous models. We know a lot more – enormously more – about the lethality of the virus. We can say without the slightest hesitation that covid is not a major pandemic by any stretch of imagination.

Around 27,000 people die in India from all causes every day: around one crore annually. People reporting on covid deaths in the media have forgotten that in the arithmetic of fractions there is thing called the denominator which exists for a reason: to provide a sense of context.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

Seeker of rabbit holes. Pessimist. Libertine. Contrarian. Your huckleberry. Possibly true tales of sanity-blasting horror also known as abject reality. Prepare yourself. Veteran of a thousand psychic wars. I have seen the fnords. Deplatformed on Tumblr and Twitter.

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