The Pentagon is investigating whether special operators have committed war crimes, and if their commanders have even been checking

The Pentagon’s Inspector General is investigating US Central Command’s (CENTCOM) and US Special Operations Command’s (SOCOM) handling of potential war-crimes cases within their operational jurisdiction or by their units.

CENTCOM is one of the more important unified combatant commands in the US military, as it is responsible for the Middle East and parts of Africa. SOCOM is responsible for developing, equipping, and employing most US special-operations units.

According to the Inspector General, the objective of the investigation is two-fold: First, to evaluate and determine the extent to which CENTCOM and SOCOM developed programs compliant with the Defense Department’s Law of War requirements and aimed at preventing or reducing potential war crimes, and second, to determine whether CENTCOM and SOCOM properly investigated allegations of potential war crimes.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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