Corona Cash: Financial Disclosures Reveal Biden Surgeon General Made Millions off Pandemic ‘Consulting’

Vivek Murthy, President Biden’s pick for surgeon general, cashed in last year as the Chinese coronavirus pandemic gripped the nation, making more than two million dollars off pandemic “consulting.”

Several of Biden’s nominees have filed financial disclosures, including Murthy, who according to Politico made millions by consulting various companies, including those in industries severely impacted by the pandemic, such as Carnival Cruise Line. Such consulting gigs have raised eyebrows due to concerns of bias.

The outlet estimated that Murthy, who served as U.S surgeon general from 2014-2017, made nearly one million last year consulting for Netflix, Airbnb, and Carnival Cruise Line alone:

The former surgeon general pulled in nearly $550,000 since Jan. 1, 2020, consulting for Netflix; $410,000 consulting for Airbnb; $400,000 consulting for Carnival Cruise Line; and nearly $300,000 consulting for Estee Lauder.

Murthy’s speaking, writing and consulting firm paid him nearly $500,000 more. His speaking engagements through the firm included speeches to companies such as Google and Cigna, as well trade groups such as Business Roundtable and American’s Health Insurance Plans.

Jeff Hauser of the Revolving Door Project highlighted the mounting concerns related to Murthy’s financial disclosures, explaining that it is “less than ideal to have a Surgeon General who is sympathetic to entities from which we would like him to feel a sense of remove, like the cruise industry.”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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