School Cop and his Teacher Wife Arrested for Grooming, Raping, and Filming Students

A disgraced school resource officer and his now-fired teacher wife have been indicted on disturbing sex charges involving a student from the school where they worked. Parents and students from Corinth Holders High School in Wendell, N.C. are now asking if anyone else was involved.

According to authorities, Mike Medlin, a Johnston County Sheriff’s Office deputy and school resource officer, and his wife Ami Medlin, a teacher for 22 years and worked as a family and consumer science teacher at Corinth Holders High School, have been hit with multiple charges.

The couple was indicted on three charges each of taking indecent liberties with a student, first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor, and sexual servitude.

Prosecutors described a “highly elaborate grooming process” carried out by the couple on a troubled boy at the school. The abuse spanned the course of two years.

“He was invited into their home and given alcohol. Videos were made of him doing sexual things and then given to Miss Medlin at school so she could watch,” the prosecutor said.

Details of the abuse were made public, including the fact that Mike Medlin admitted to being “involved” after the student was intoxicated. According to police documents, the couple admitted to taking a student home with them to “watch movies” in their bed with them.

The couple was also accused of inappropriate relationships with other children, including a girl who had been a babysitter for their children.

Despite the couple’s own admissions and the extremely disturbing allegations surrounding their indictments, the courtroom was packed on Monday with their supporters, according to WRAL.

The male victim, who is now an adult, was also in the courtroom on Monday as the district attorney asked for $75,000 bail for each of them. The judge, who was apparently swayed by the thin blue line, bumped the bail down to $50,000 and the couple quickly posted it and returned home.

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